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If you heard about Tacfit Commando by Scott Sonnon and you are looking for the truth about this program then this page is for you.

in this Tacfit Commando review I’m going to share with you my honest opinion about the Tacfit Commando program and to help you understand if Scott Sonnon’s product is really for you.

Before making any decision, let’s find out what the Tacfit Commando program is and learn about the pros and cons of this program.

What Exactly Is Tacfit Commando?

The Tacfit Commando body-weight workout program is a highly innovative system developed by one of the most renowned fitness experts in the world, Scott Sonnon. Instead of focusing on the aesthetic part of bodybuilding like so many other trainers do which only serves to improve the looks but not the actual fitness of the body, Scott instead works towards developing exercises that can increase freedom of movement and increase functional strength at the same time.

Scott Sonnon designed the series of exercise to train soldiers from Special Forces like Navy seals, anti-terrorism squads, and many others from all over the world. In his Tacfit Commando program Scott models every training exercise and diet plan that he includes by following the plans used by elite commando units. Also, because Scott understands the differences between the living patterns of a civilian compared to a military person, he also changes up some aspects of the training that make it more convenient for any civilian to execute.

Scott Sonnon’s program has truly transformed thousands of clients who have tried it and seeing the powerful effects that it is having on their bodies.

However with so many programs out on the market and on the internet today, what makes the Tacfit Commando program any different than all the rest?

To answer this question and to find if this program is really for you lets take a look at the basics of Tacfit Commando and see what are the pros and cons of the Tacfit Commando program.

The Basics Of Tacfit Commando

There are two versions of The Tacfit Commando Program: The Basic Package and the Deluxe Package.

The Tacfit Commando Basic Package includes:

1. Tacfit Commando Mandate Brief Handbook

This immediately downloadable 119 page Quest Short System Handbook teaches you secrets that are being applied appropriate now by Spec Ops personnel all around the world to maintain chiseled physiques and continuous mandate readiness – with the shortest feasible time expense.

2. Tacfit Commando Objective Calendar

You don’t have time for guessing games in the field. Your lifestyle would depend on clear understanding of your objective and your destination. The very same holds accurate for your health and physical fitness ambitions.

3. Movie Objective Briefing Instructional Library

Scott Sonnon walks you via every single level of every exercise for each and every work out in the Tacfit Commando system, and he does it with a increased degree of thoroughness and accessibility than you’ve actually witnessed in a physical fitness product. Nothing is left to opportunity in these 9 high quality video clip briefings.

4. Solution Recuperation Techniques of the Unique Ops Video clip Series

When your existence relies on your physical readiness, you can’t operate the danger of staying beat down by your instruction. That’s why Tacfit Commando pre-incorporates a top to bottom joint mobility session and a Prasara yoga compensatory motion sequence.

The Tacfit Commando Deluxe Package includes:

1. Follow-Along Mission Simulation Videos

In this component Scott takes you through the entire Tacfit Commando program in a series of 54 detailed video training sessions. You can watch the videos online, download them, or even drop the iPod ready m4v version straight into your portable device to take your follow-along workouts with you wherever you go. I must say that this component is the most impressive that I have ever seen in any program online.

2. Rapid Recovery & Breathing Secrets of the Spec Ops

A short but super important video that teach you a quick routine that will change your performance under stress forever!

3. The Tactical Readiness Diet Plan

Scott Sonnon’s has perfected his unique and unorthodox approach to nutrition over years of experimentation with his athletes and on himself and he is giving the Tactical Readiness Diet Plan as a part of the Tacfit Commando program.

4. The Warrior Recipes eBook

Lots of great meal ideas that’ll help facilitate results from the training program.

5.”In The Field” Downloadable DVD

In this video you are going to watch Scott Sonnon put some of his elite clients through their paces using the Tacfit Commando program.

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Tacfit Commando – The Pros That I’ve Found

I’m not going to give you the full list but here are some of the best things that I’ve found about Tacfit Commando that I think you should know:

1. Can Be Done Anywhere Without Special Equipments

One of the best parts of Tacfit Commando is that there is no need to use any equipment in order to fully maximize the benefits of this program, unlike most other bodyweight training systems that typically require pull up bars, resistance bands and stability balls etc.

2. Only Takes a Short Time

No matter how busy you are, I bet you could spend about 30 minutes of your time to exercise. 30 minutes? yes, that is correct and that would be the most, many of the exercise routines even only take under 30 minutes. Soldiers don’t have much time for relaxing, they have strict schedules to follow so 30 minutes a day is all you need.

3. Comprehensive Program From A Fitness Expert

There is no doubt that Scott Sonnon is the real deal. Scott has been around the block and has trained numerous military units to achieve combat readiness. You must be an expert to train top Israeli army units and the guy is not even an Israeli which makes it even more incredible that he was allowed within a hundred yards of any of their soldiers.

4. Great Recovery Element Section

I really like the recovery element of this program. Soldiers need to perform 24/7 and this is why the Tacfit Commando program has a detailed section about recovery. I like this and I think it can help you even if you don’t stick to this plan. Recovery is a major element in any muscle building or fitness routine, so this is a truly valuable part.

5. Full Money Back Guarantee

The Tacfit Commando program is backed by 60 days money back guarantee and this is a real guarantee… if you are not completely satisfied, you will be able to receive your money back, no “ifs,” “ands,” or “buts”, so actually you can try the program with no risk at all and you have nothing to lose.

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Tacfit Commando – The Cons That I’ve Found

1. Not For “Hot Body” Purposes

This workout focuses on the series of body-weight workout system while its main goal is to gain functional strength of your body and not the aesthetic result like many other bodybuilding trainings. So if your main goal is to get a desirable fat loss in a short time or to build your body like a male model, you can forget about this exercise and go with your regular workouts.

2. Some Exercises Are Hard

Some of the exercises in this program are very hard to do. You may find it hard to do one rep of some of them. It will take time to get into the groove of this program, so be aware of it when you get it and take your time.

3. The Basic Package Could Be Better

The dietary guidelines part and warriors recipe section are available just in the deluxe package. In my opinion they should have been included in the basic package as well since they are very important.

Tacfit Commando – The Bottom Line

In my opinion Tacfit Commando is an excellent and unique program and I found this program to be very useful for me. this system is designed to push your body and mind to the level of elite fighters, Special Op forces, SEALs, undercover spies and other bad mo-fo’s, and there is no doubt that this program will be a great choice for people who are looking for more than just a “standard” muscle building program (such as Visual Impact Muscle Building) or regular fitness system (such as Athlean-X)

There is a bit of marketing hype and also some cons that I mentioned before but the program is absolutely worth a try and thousands of people have benefited from it so far.

Most of the other programs provide no where near as much information and support as the Tacfit Commando program and I feel very comfortable giving the Program 4.8/5.

However, remember that this program is not right for bodybuilders and it does require some time to master. Other than that, if you’re really serious about having a body that can adapt to any situation then Tacfit Commando is definitely for you!

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I Hope that you have found my Tacfit Commando review to be helpful and I wish you the best!