Number Manifestation Program By Ben & Nick – Full Review

Posted by Dianna and Chris

If you heard about the Number Manifestation Program by Nick Keller and Ben Clark, and you try to understand if this Numerology guide is really for you personally or not, then our today’s review will help you doing so.

On this Number Manifestation Program review we will explain to you what you can expect to learn inside the guide, how this program actually works and which pros and cons you should take into account when making your final decision.

To make things easier, let’s firstly talk about the basics and understand what the Number Manifestation Program is all about…

Number Manifestation ProgramWhat Is The Number Manifestation Program?

Created by Nick Keller, a 52-year-old husband, father, and employee, the Number Manifestation Program (also known as the “Numerology Protocol”) is a step-by-step guide that shows you how you can tap into the power of numbers to achieve whatever you want in life, whether it’s better a relationship, health, financial life, or spiritual life.

According to Nick Keller, his program doesn’t have anything to do with The Law of Attraction or visualization techniques. It is focused on the science of Numerology, which Nick learned through Ben Clark, a popular Numerology expert.

Ben said that a person’s mind works the same way as a computer program. Firstly, it receives raw data from the surroundings, which are composed of millions to billions of data points (or group of numbers). Then, the brain translates these data points into reality.

To help you learn how to tap into this power, Nick Keller and Ben Clark divided their Number Manifestation Program into three main sections:

Section I (The Overview) – As what is hinted, this section will give you a good general overview of Numerology, including its history and why it’s really effective.

Section II (The Formula) – In this section you’ll learn a basic formula that’ll help you discover the numbers linked with the exact things you want to materialize.

Section III (The Solution) – Here you’ll receive step-by-step directions on how to take charge of your subconscious mind and force it to process the numbers linked to your desires.

That’s a bird’s eye view of the Number Manifestation Program. For further details about the program, about its main sections and about the science behind it, you can visit the official site.

Now, let’s proceed and talk about the various pros and cons of Nick Keller’s guide so you can have a better idea if the Number Manifestation program is really for you personally or not.

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Number Manifestation Program reviewThe Pros Of The Number Manifestation Program


Can Work For All Kinds Of People

One of the best things about the Numerology Protocol by Nick Keller and Ben Clark is that you don’t need to be an expert or know what Numerology is before using this. Whether you’re old or young, a high school or college graduate, single or married, as long as you have desire or goal, the Number Manifestation Program can basically help you.

Easy To Implement

The directions given by Nick Keller inside the guide are clear and actionable. It also help that he divided this guide into three sections, which discuss in detail all the things you need to know to find success with this program. Actually, everything’s laid out for you and all you need to do is read, understand, and implement.

Doesn’t Take Up Most of Your Time

This is another thing which we really appreciate about the Number Manifestation Program – you can easily use it without interfering with your daily routine or schedule.

Nick Keller explains that it takes only 5 minutes a day to follow the program, so even if you’re the busiest person in the world, we personally believe that you can find the time to dedicate for it.

A Reasonably Affordable Guide

If you scout the net, the price of this guide falls just within the normal range. However, we believe the content and what it can do for you is more important than the price. You pay a one-time fee which is very reasonable and then you can use the Number Manifestation Program for life.

Unlike some other Numerology sites online, there are no recurring payments here, and for us, that sounds like a fair deal.

Full Guarantee To Protect Your Investment

In addition to the reasonable price, Nick has the Number Manifestation Program covered with a 60-day trial period, which means you can use it in whatever way you want for an entire two months. If within that period your life hasn’t changed, or if you simply not happy with what you learned, Nick promises to give you a full refund.

In simple words, this full guarantee makes the Number Manifestation Program a risk-free investment for you.

Number Manifestation Numerology ProtocolThe Cons Of The Number Manifestation Program


Regular Practice

There’s really nothing supernatural about the Number Manifestation Program. Thus, you can’t expect to buy it, apply the methods once, and then expect everything you want will magically appear before you.

What we try to say is that you need to devote time, effort, and patience in order to reap the benefits of the Number Manifestation Program. It is simply not a “magic solution”.

A Digital Program

The Number Manifestation Program comes in a digital format and after your payment you will be able to download everything to your computer, tablet, Smartphone, etc.

If you’re the type who doesn’t like reading eBooks and listening to MP3 files, and you just likes the traditional tangible books, this may be a problem for you.

Number Manifestation Nick Keller Ben ClarkThe Bottom Line

Overall, we believe that the Number Manifestation Program by Nick Keller and Ben Clark is worth checking out. While there are many other programs being sold out there, not all authors can claim that they’re a recognized expert in the field of Numerology, which is what Ben Clark is.

What we personally like about the Number Manifestation Program is that it is organized well, detailed, and written simply in order for the average folk to easily understand it. That’s why you can immediately apply what you learned without any problem. You just identify the desire you want to manifest, take the numbers linked to what you want, encode it into your brain, and let your brain do the rest.

In addition, we also like that the Number Manifestation Program can be used by all kinds of people, regardless of educational background, civil status, or financial status. Based on our research, there are no scam alerts or bad feedbacks made against the Number Manifestation Program, which is also a very important sign for programs of this kind…

With that said, the Number Manifestation Program is not for everyone.

Firstly, if you think Numerology is evil or a hoax, then this is absolutely not for you. In addition, if you don’t have the time or patience to apply this in your life, and you think that everything you want will “magically” appear once you purchase this guide, then we won’t recommend you getting the Number Manifestation Program from the beginning.

On the other hand, if you have at least 5 minutes’ worth of free time daily, and you are looking for a step-by-step guide that will help you tap into the power of numerology in order to achieve your goals and dreams in life, then the Number Manifestation Program is a great option for you.

This guide is reasonably priced, really easy to follow and best of all – comes with a 60-day refund guarantee, so you can actually take this program on a test drive without any risk…

Well, this is the end of our Number Manifestation Program review. We’re crossing our fingers that you have found this post informative and enjoyable, and we wish you good luck in manifesting your heart’s desires!

Dianna and Chris

The Millionaire’s Brain By W. Vee And A. Huang – Real Review

Posted by Dianna and Chris

If you heard about the Millionaire’s Brain by Alvin Huang and Winter Vee, and you try to understand it this personal development course is really for you or not, then our today’s review will help you doing so.

On this Millionaire’s Brain review we will cover the most important things you must know about the course, explain to you what you will find inside, and present you with the major pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.

Firstly, let’s understand what the Millionaire’s Brain is all about…

The Millionaire’s BrainWhat Exactly Is The Millionaire’s Brain?

Created by Winter Vee, a business consultant and an internet marketer, and Alvin Huang, a personal development coach and an author, The Millionaire’s Brain can be best described as a comprehensive course that shows you step-by-step different strategies which will help you optimize your brain’s potential in order to achieve success in all areas of your life.

Winter Vee and Alvin Huang explain that they based this course on the science of brain plasticity. This is the idea that a person’s brain can constantly reshaped and reprogrammed itself over a lifetime. According to the authors, this is what sets their course apart from other personal development courses, which usually focus on the conscious and subconscious mind.

As we said before, the Millionaire’s Brain is a comprehensive course, and listed below are some of the most important things that Winter and Alvin will share with you inside:

  • Some of the most effective ways for eliminating self-limiting beliefs that are stopping you from becoming wealthy.
  • Several brain exercises that will help unleash the full power of your brain and manifest your dreams.
  • Proven techniques that can help you catch people’s attention and magnetize them to you.
  • Step-by-step advice on the “Reality Bending” method which can help you become smarter and have better control of your thoughts and future.
  • Full access to the “Millionaire Mindset report” which is available in audio format in order to help you get a better grasp of this course.
  • Full access to the “Money Code report” which contains valuable tips and tricks for enhancing your creativity and becoming more positive in life.
  • The “Brain Optimizer workbook” that includes simple yet effective brain exercises which will help you practice what you learned inside The Millionaire’s Brain main guide.
  • A “Dream Planner” guide to help you outline and achieve all of your dreams.
  • You’ll also gain instant access to a monthly subscription, so you can get more tips and information about training your brain on a regular basis.

These are just some of the things you’ll discover inside the Millionaire’s Brain. For more details about the different topics that Winter Vee and Alvin Huang cover inside their course, and about the concepts behind their methods, please Visit This Page.

Now, let’s continue and talk about some of the most important pros and cons of The Millionaire’s Brain system so you can understand better if this course is really the right choice for YOU

Millionaire’s Brain reviewThe Pros Of The Millionaire’s Brain


Won’t Take Up Much Time

One great thing about the Millionaire’s Brain is that unlike your typical yoga or meditation exercises, the tips and tricks included in this course won’t take up too much time to follow.

You’ll be able to reshape your brain by watching 90-second videos, and you can even listen to the audio report while on the go. This is very important in our opinion and it will allow you to fit this course into your normal day schedule very easily.

Provides Useful And Easy To Follow Information

We believe that the Millionaire’s Brain is going to be an easy read for most users. The authors used a clear, simple, and detailed writing approach, and they also included exercises at every end portion, so you can fully grasp what you just learned and put them to practice immediately.

Improves The Quality Of Your Life

For us, it’s not always attracting money or material stuff when it comes to this kind of courses. We believe that it’s also the ability to have better control over your thoughts, especially the negative ones, so you could live a happier and more positive life.

And that’s what we really like about the Millionaire’s Brain course – it was designed to help you find success and to be happier and positive at the same time.

Reasonably Affordable Price

We’re not saying this course is dirt cheap, however, its price is very reasonable considering the amount of information you will get inside the Millionaire’s Brain main module, The Quick Wealth System, Dream Planner Guide, workbook audio files and all the other components of this system.

Backed With A Full Refund Guarantee

If within two months you still feel nothing has changed with you, or if you’re just not happy with this course for no reason at all, you can just contact the Millionaire’s Brain customer support team to get all of your money back. This is how confident Winter Vee and Alvin Huang are in their course, and we personally believe that this guarantee makes the Millionaire’s Brain a completely risk-free investment.

Millionaire’s Brain courseThe Cons Of The Millionaire’s Brain


Requires Your Time And Effort

We know we said earlier that this won’t take up too much time, but the thing is it would still require you to invest a portion of your time every day. You also have to be extra patient when practicing the methods in this course in order to achieve results, and to understand that this course is not some kind of “magic pill” that will help you immediately.

Just think about this – If you have time for worrying about your finances, relationships, or job (or the lack, thereof), then we believe you could also spend time studying and implementing all the methods in this course.

Difficulty In Reshaping Brain

We also must admit that it’s not always easy to get rid of limiting thoughts. That’s why it’s important to approach The Millionaire’s Brain with an open mind and to put aside your skepticism, so you can put into practice the information you will find inside this course.

Comes In Various Digital Formats

The Millionaire’s Brain comes in different downloadable formats: eBook (PDF), audios (MP3), and videos. If you’re the type who prefer to leaf through the pages of a traditional book, or if you prefer a DVD copy, this might be a bit of an issue for you.

Alvin Huang and Winter VeeThe Millionaire’s Brain – The Bottom Line

Overall, we must admit that we were very impressed with the Millionaire’s Brain and it is one of the most comprehensive personal development courses we have ever seen.

Alvin Huang and Winter Vee really provided detailed information and effective methods inside this course, so you can successfully rewire your brain for success and happiness.

We really like the fact that it is very easy to understand all the information shared in The Millionaire’s Brain. Everything’s written clearly and simply, and it’s also great that exercises were given at every section in order to allow you put into practice what you learned from each part of the course easily.

It’s also great that this course won’t gobble up all of your time, and we personally believe that it’s very easy to integrate it into your daily life.

With that said, The Millionaire’s Brain by Alvin Huang and Winter Vee is not for everyone.

If you’re overly skeptical or if you plan to just read this without implementing the instructions, then the Millionaire’s Brain may not be for you. More than the low-cost investment, you must also be willing to give this course your dedication, patience, effort, and time.

This is not a “magic pill” product after all, so if you think that it is going to give you the promised results without any work, then we won’t recommend you purchasing the Millionaire’s Brain system from the beginning.

On the other hand, if you plan to keep your mind open, if you believe something’s got to change with your life, or if you simply want some help in manifesting your dreams, then the Millionaire’s Brain can be a great option for you.

We truly believe that this course can do a lot to improve the quality of your life, to free you of all the negative and self-limiting thoughts, and help you finally achieve your dreams.

Moreover, if you don’t think this has helped, the authors are willing to give back every penny you spent within the next 60 days after paying, so actually they allow you to try their Millionaire’s Brain course without any risk…

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Well, that’s it for our Millionaire’s Brain review. We really hope that we’ve provided the information you need to decide whether to purchase this course or not, and we wish you all the success and happiness in the world!

Dianna and Chris

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