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Magnifier Engine Program By Darren Holman – Full Review

If you heard about the Magnifier Engine program by Darren Holman and you wonder if it can really help you slash your electric bill as promised on the official site, then our today’s post is for you.

On this Magnifier Engine review we will help you to understand what Darren Holman’s program is all about, what you can expect to get once you purchase the Magnifier Engine system, and which pros and cons this alternative energy solution has.

Firstly, let’s cover the basics…

Magnifier EngineWhat Exactly Is The Magnifier Engine?

In simple words, the Magnifier Engine program is a kit which contains guides and videos that show you step-by-step all you need to do in order to build a self-powered engine that can help you cut your electric bill dramatically.

The program was created by a regular retiree in Cleveland, Ohio named Darren Holman, which explains his eureka moment came when a crowd of people were gathered around a mini single-piston Ferris wheel toy. He asked the employee that was there how it was powered and was really surprised by the answer he received – “it uses the heat from your hand”. Darren says that is how he came up with his idea to use a parabolic lens for providing the Magnifier Engine with heat to power his whole house.

The science backing the mini Ferris wheel is fairly basic: Firstly, the temperature within the chamber gets raised by the heat from your hand. This results in the air expanding and the piston is thrust into a certain direction, moving away from the heat source. As the piston is moving away, the cool air causes the piston to recoil in the opposite direction, causing the wheel to begin rotating.

According to Darren Holman, his friend Bob, who is an engineer, made the adjustments that were needed to perfect this engine which works mainly on sunlight. The final Magnifier Engine version helped to cut Bob’s energy bill by over 90 percent, and Darren explains that he and Bob decided to share the exact blueprint for this Magnifier Engine in order to help other people achieve the same results, simply by following their step-by-step directions.

More specifically, when you buy the Magnifier Engine kit you will get the following items:

  • Illustrated instructions and complete list of all the materials you will need for building your own Magnifier Engine.
  • 3 HD videos that walk you through the whole process of getting this engine built.
  • Thorough and detailed information on how the engine is run on natural gas.
  • Advice about a cheap timer that you can use to switch to a different power source automatically.
  • Instructions on how to safely and easily connect the Magnifier Engine up to your house.
  • Unlimited email support for life…

These are the main things you’ll find inside the Magnifier Engine system by Darren Holman. For more information regarding this kind of engine and the different items that Darren Holman offers inside his kit you can also check the official site.

Now, to help you make a wise decision regarding Darren Holman’s Magnifier Engine program, let’s go over its various pros and cons…

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Magnifier Engine reviewThe Pros Of The Magnifier Engine System


Fairly Inexpensive To Build

It can be quite difficult to pinpoint an exact cost to build the Magnifier Engine, however, building this engine is fairly inexpensive.

As an example, some individuals buy brand new materials and spend approximately $100 on the parts required. On the other hand, some people said that they didn’t spend anything at all and collected the materials needed from neighbors, friends or a local junk yard.

Easy To Build

It appears that a majority of individuals who have purchased the kit have said it is easier to put the Magnifier Engine together than they originally thought it would be. What is really important about this building process is that special skills are not needed for setting it up. This is due to the clear illustrated instructions and HD video tutorials that are provided. On average, it shouldn’t take most people more than three hours to get their engine up and operating.

Full Email Support

When considering products like this one, one of the main things we look for is good support. It is just very reassuring to know that if you have any concerns or questions, you can get in touch with the customer support team or author directly via email.

After you complete your purchase, Darren Holman provides you with his personal email address and you can contact him for any question you may have regarding his Magnifier Engine system.

Lower Energy Bills

From the online research we have done, it appears that a majority of people state that the Magnifier Engine helps them save approximately 30-75% on their energy bills each month. Usually they end up spending about few dollars per month for gas or electricity, which is used for running the engine whenever there isn’t enough sunlight.

Over the long term, when you run the calculations, you’ll see that you can really save a lot of money off of your electric bill by using this engine.

Full Refund Policy For 60 Days

A 60-day money back guarantee backs the Magnifier Engine Program, and Darren Holman states that if you don’t feel his kit helped you with building the engine and reducing your energy bill, you can get a 100% refund.

In simple words, the guarantee that Darren Holman offers enables you to test out the Magnifier Engine system with no risk on your part…

Darren Holman Magnifier EngineThe Cons Of The Magnifier Engine


You Need To Build It By Your Own

Many people purchase lots of guides online without ever applying what they have learned. Other people enthusiastically start on a project, but don’t ever end up finishing it. Does this sound like you? If so, then keep your money or be willing to pay somebody to do the work for you.

Only Downloadable Digital Version

The Magnifier Engine kit is only available as a downloadable digital product and you might end up being disappointed if your preference is to get a physical book or a DVD copy…

Won’t Help You To Cut Your Electric Bill Completely

When searching for real user testimonials online we saw different websites which promise that the Magnifier Engine can help you cut your electric bill by more than 90%. Well, we must admit that from our research and the feedback we get it seems that most people who built this engine were able to save around 40%-70% on their electric bills and no more than that.

What we try to say here is that it can be a good idea to keep your expectations about this engine realistic…

The Magnifier Engine programThe Bottom Line

Overall, there is no doubt that the Magnifier Engine program by Darren Holman is a good option for people who want to significantly decrease their energy bills every month. You may find information about a similar concept online, but you won’t really find any free resources that would teach you how to build this kind of engine from start to finish in a step-by-step manner.

One of the things we love about this kit is the good customer support service that is offered. It feels good to get your questions or concerns addressed in a couple of hours by the author himself, and we must admit that everything is clearly outlined and explained by Darren. Actually, some of the people who’ve bought this haven’t built anything in their entire life, but say they were able to set this up with relative ease…

With that said, the Magnifier Engine program is not for everyone.

If you have a long track record for never finishing anything, or if you think that this is a complete solution for “unlimited free energy”, then the Magnifier Engine may not be for you. You should remember that while this engine can help you reduce your electric bills dramatically, it is not going to slash your bills to zero.

To sum it up: if you have sleepless nights because of your energy bills, or if you want to try a renewable source of energy that is affordable and pretty easy to build, then the Magnifier Engine is a great option for you. It’s not going to make you rich, but it will help you save a good amount of money every month.

Moreover, if you feel that this kit didn’t meet your expectations, you can simply email Darren Holman to get back every penny you spent. Considering all of these things, we believe that the Magnifier Engine program is definitely worth a try…

Well, that’s all the information we can share with you about the Magnifier Engine kit by Darren Holman. We hope that this review was a great help to you, and good luck with switching to a natural and cheaper source of energy!

Dianna and Chris


Electricity Freedom System

Rich Lubbok’s Electricity Freedom System – Complete Review

If you heard about the Electricity Freedom System by Rich Lubbok and you try to understand if this alternative energy solution is really for you, then we will try to help doing exactly that in our today’s review.

On this Electricity Freedom System review we are going to explain what Rich Lubbok’s system is all about, how it works, and which pros and cons it has.

Before anything else though, let’s talk about the basics…

Electricity Freedom SystemWhat Exactly Is The “Electricity Freedom System”?

If you’ve been interested in creating your own electricity, separate from the grid, in order to save money on your electric bill or save the planet, then Rich Lubbok, a professional researcher in the renewable energy field, says that he created the Electricity Freedom System exactly for people like you. In simple words, Rich Lubbok’s system is a step by step course that shows you how to build your own easy to maintain, clean energy, natural power plant.

Rich says he originally became interested in renewable home energy generation in 2011 while trapped in a snow storm with his pregnant wife. Their power was out for several days, and that was when he started designing his Electricity Freedom System.

Due to his extensive background and experience in the renewable energy field of research, Rich Lubbok says he was compelled to look for an inexpensive, duplicatable way to help others become energy independent. He explains that grass came to mind as an inexhaustible supply of energy source.

Simply put, grass, leaves, mulch from fallen sticks, and any other organic waste from the forest, gets its power to grow from the sun, which, through photosynthesis, converts carbon dioxide into food for plants to feed on, then releases that same carbon whether it’s burned, or composted in a continuous cycle. So it’s basically carbon neutral, reusing the same carbon over and over again. Through some careful math, Rich Lubbok calculated there was enough energy in a pound of mulch to power a home for about 3 hours.

Rich partnered with his longtime colleague Jim Tellman to come up with a prototype machine able to convert all of this extra wasted material into power for the home. They created an easy to understand video guide and step-by-step blueprints that show exactly how to build the “Electricity Freedom System” so homeowners could get started right away saving money, the environment, and making their own power.

In the manual and videos you’ll find the carefully thought out plan that details how to build the generator and connect it up to your natural gas supply and electrical power meter as well. There is a complete list of easy to find materials as well as ways to protect your machine from the harsh elements, storms, and other problems.

Then of course, there is a list of different kinds of materials that can be used for power generation, like leaves, grass, and sticks.

Basically, the Electricity Freedom System takes the waste debris from your yard and turns it into power you can use in your home.

To sum this part: The Electricity Freedom System comes complete with how-to videos, a list of materials to buy, an illustrated manual and detailed plans, all along with email customer support for life.

These are the basic things you can expect to get when purchasing the Electricity Freedom System by Rich Lubbok. For more details about this system and the main idea behind it you can also check this page on their official site.

Now, here are the major pros and cons of this system that we believe you should keep in mind…

Electricity Freedom System reviewThe Pros Of The Electricity Freedom System


There Is No Need To Be An Avid Do-It-Yourselfer In Order To Build It

The system is fairly easy to build, and even if you’re not an avid Do-It-Yourselfer you should have no problems building the Electricity Freedom System Generator. There are detailed instructions every step of the way, plus the How-To video that shows you firsthand exactly how to proceed during the build up process.

Free Energy Source

After the generator has been built, the refuse and debris to operate it is scattered about your yard, your neighbor’s yard and anywhere you look, so the energy source is free. You could even offer to take your neighbor’s yard debris for a fee, then turn around and use it to make energy for your home.

Little Maintenance

The system takes very little maintenance and is easy to use. Most of the work is merely adding composting plant material and some water, and then connecting up the plug to power. That’s all there is to it.

A Great Choice Where Other Renewable Energy Solutions Are Not Available

Let’s face it, while popular renewable energy solutions such as solar panels are great, not everyone has plenty of sunlight hitting their property. The “Electricity Freedom System” comes in handy in such situations.

Rich Lubbok Offers Full Refund Guarantee

The Electricity Freedom System comes with a money back guarantee that lasts for 60 days from the time of purchase, so if for any reason you’re dissatisfied you can get your money back. We believe that as long as you have a guarantee like this one, you have nothing to worry about and you can test all the material you get risk-free before you decide…

rich lubbok

The Cons Of The Electricity Freedom System


Exaggerated Claims

In all honesty, after doing our research and reading many users’ reviews online, we really doubt that the Electricity Freedom System will help you to slash your monthly power bill by 100%. While it can absolutely save you lots of money on the long run, most of the chances it is going to help you reduce your bill by 30%-70% and not more than that.

You Still Need To Build It

Nothing worth having in life will be dropped on your front porch fully assembled, including the Electricity Freedom System. You’re going to have to make the effort to read the instructions, watch the video, and do the work to reap the benefits.

Only Digital Version Is Available For Now

The Electricity Freedom System is available for download immediately on payment, but there are no hard copies to purchase. If you don’t like digital products, this will probably be a con for you.

Additional Costs For Materials

Another thing to remember is that there are going to be some costs for materials, and although it won’t be too much, you should absolutely keep this in mind as well…

ElectricityThe Bottom Line

Overall, we personally believe that the Electricity Freedom System by Rich Lubbok can be a great resource for any homeowner who’s always worried about expensive energy bills. As you may know, this problem is not going to go away as long as you’re 100% dependent on electric companies.

It seems that most of the people who bought this system are amazed at how easy this was to put together. In addition, unless you live in a desert, we don’t think it’s going to be hard or costly for you to get the plant materials needed for this to operate…

With that said, the Electricity Freedom System is not for everyone.

If you’re the lazy type, if you can’t even spare 3 hours, or if you are looking for something that will allow you to slash your electric bill by 100% each and every month, then the Electricity Freedom System may not be for you.

On the other hand, if you’re tired of paying too much for your electricity and you want an inexpensive alternative energy source that’s easy to build, operate, and maintain, then the Electricity Freedom System by Rich Lubbok is a great option for you. It’s not dirt cheap (at first), but it can certainly pay for itself in the long run.

What’s more, Rich offers unlimited customer support, and considering that he also provides full money back guarantee, we don’t see why you should not give his Electricity Freedom System a try…

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Well, we hope that this review gave you the information you were looking for. For any question, don’t hesitate contacting us… All the best!

Dianna and Chris

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