Hi guys,

In this post I will share with you some tips that can be very useful for anyone who want to make his own beautiful garden easily.

Firstly, you should enjoy planting your own garden but definitely not find it stressful. That is why we will be looking at some tips to make things much easier for you and eliminate as much stress as possible from what should be a really enjoyable pastime.

The basic necessity of air for plants is often forgotten when looking at what plants really need. There’s lots of air in the atmosphere anyway so we don’t need to care about this, right? Well, not exactly.

Plants need to breathe through their roots as much as their foliage, which means that soil shouldn’t be waterlogged mainly because it will mean that the roots can’t extract the underground oxygen and will end up rotting.

Ensuring the soil doesn’t get compacted is a good way of avoiding this situation. In other words, if it’s wet, avoid walking on it or digging in it.

If the soil is looser it will contain more oxygen. A good level of underground oxygen can be achieved by adding some organic matter, such as dense clay soil.

Additionally, it is very important that you will not keep your plants too close together, especially if they’re susceptible to mildew or other such diseases, and you need to ensure your garden has good draining.

Plants must have light, as obvious as that sounds. Some plants might need more light than others plants, but they all need some. For example, growing mushrooms inside a shed is possible as they only need a small amount of light, whereas daisies need a lot of sunshine.

What you can plant and where it can be planted all boils down to the angles of sunlight and the amount of light in the backyard.

Because light is what helps plants to create their energy they need all of their leaves to be exposed to sunlight throughout the entire day at different angles. So it is very important that you will get the right types of plants in accordance with the lighting conditions in your yard, which is a fairly easy task as almost all of them have labels on.

Due to the size of some fruit plants and the care they may need, planting fruits might be a bit more complicated for your garden. For example, growing pineapples can be really difficult.

However, there is certainly a lot more to pick from depending on what you like. If space isn’t an issue you could go for fruits like apple trees, apricot trees, peach trees or cherry trees.

Or, you can decide on vine fruits such as grapes and kiwis, shrub fruits like raspberries and blackberries or fruits that grow on the ground such as melons and strawberries.

Taking into consideration how long a fruit plant will take to yield its produce is really important. Fruit trees can take many years to produce any fruit, but once they do they’ll continue to do it for many years, whereas melons are ready to harvest in the same year as they’re annuals.

Creating a beautiful garden at home is well worth the effort required to do it.

Gardening meant to be a hobby and not a chore, so take a breath and remember this when you are making your own beautiful garden.

I hope that these tips on how to build your own beautiful garden were helpful for, all the best!

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